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Re: My UrQ can beat up your 4kqtsleipoins or whatever it is.....hehe

Michael Williams wrote:

> The later ones i belive have identical rear suspensions, but i have a
> very early one with the original style suspension in the rear.

    WHat is the difference.  I have not seen the early style up close I guess.

> I know, adam told me all about the difference.  So what i did was i
> messed around with my front ones and they are currently at about 3/4 turn
> from stiff, and that is where i felt it is set right for the best
> improvement.  It does grip better than the UrQ, what i meant was that the
> UrQ is so incredibly surefooted..its amazing..

    I can see that.

> As far as the tires on my 4kq, they are 195/55ZR14 dunlop sport 8000's.
> They are INCREDIBLE to say the least.  They have some incredible grip to
> them, even though they are small. Ask anyone who has driven it, it is an
> amazing little car...

    Again, I am sure they do grip VERY well.  The overall contact patch size isn't
that much different than a 205/50-15.  BUT, the Feel of the 15" with a similar
type tire will be much better with the shorter sidewall.  When I put my 15's on I
get better feel and balance and more predictable handleing.  MOre "surefooted" as
you would say.  Granted my 15's have better tires but even with good 14" tires
there is a big difference in "Feel". BUt the ride gets harsher too.  Oh well, I'll
take the feel and handling.
    BTW,  what the heck is 4kqtsleipoins mean.  I dont get it ;-)  L8R