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Thumpty-Thump-Thump (not the Frost song) and wheel drag.

Car: 89 200q, 177K.

Scenario: Ever since the brake job (pads, rotors, rear caliper rebuild,
ss lines) I have had a problem with my 89 200q. 

The car pulls to the left. At first it was VERY dramatic, now it is
subdued but still there. At low speeds I hear a thumpty-thump sound that
can be felt through the steering wheel and appears to be coming from the
vincinty of the LF tire. 

The car rolls very easily on even the slightest incline, and tracks
straight when the brakes are applied. The car also tracks straight under
heavy acceleration. The calipers up front were in good condition (The
pistons pushed in very easily) although the guide pins look a little
worn out. Hence, I don't think It is the brakes. 

3 months prior to the brake job, I had the LF hub replaced with a used
unit from Autobahn of NH. I did NOT replace the wheel bearing at that
time. Is it possible that the wheel bearing went south when I opened up
the lug nuts? The lugs were severely over-torqued... (monkey lads need a
beatin for that one). 

The thumpty sound is only at slow speeds 20-30 mph, forward direction
only, no change in sound/vibration when car is veered hard from left to
right. Therefore, I don't think it is a CV joint. 

When Igor and I put the car up on the jackstands, the LF wheel seemed to
off alot more resistance. 

Suggestions for possible causes? 

My guess is that i've got a bum wheel bearing (Which makes two right
now.. one in back has started to hum). 

TIA! :)