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Re: Manual & Rear Diff Fluid


    The G50 is only used in the transmission. The rear diff uses hypoid
75W90 dino oil or synthetic GL5 gear oil - Audi sells a synthetic oil for
the rear diff.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  263k km
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From: Christopher Gharibo <cgharibo@usa.net>
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Date: Sunday, December 13, 1998 10:21 PM
Subject: Manual & Rear Diff Fluid

>I just put the Audi G50 oil (75W90)in the manual and the first drive
>demonstrates that this oil gives shifting much better feel than the
>This is my initial impression however, and I will see how this week goes.
>RedLine was very grindy when cold in the mornings so we will see tomorrow
>One more question, does the G50 go in the rear diff as well?
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