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Re: '89 200tq handbrake

At 11:09 AM 12/11/98 -0500, Thomas Barbera wrote:
>I was replacing the handbrake cables on my '89 200tq the other day.  I went 
>to loosen the adjustment nut which connects to the handbrake when it 
>twisted off.  It was completely frozen.  I went to the audi dealer to get a 
>new bolt and nut, but they said it comes as one piece, all part of the 
>handbrake itself, even though the bolt is held in by a clip.  This makes it 
>very expensive.  I would go to a salvage yard and get one, but I'm afraid 
>those will also be rusted.  If anyone knows how I can rig the handbrake, or 
>get a new piece, please let me know.  Thanks in advance.

i also broke the threaded adjuster recently on my 86 tqw.
not sure if the mechanism is the same after 88, but i replaced the pull rod
(437 711 345A, list $9.50) and the pin that holds it (437 711 341, list
replacement requires removal of the handbrake mechanism, so i also replaced
the rubber boot/bellows (443 711 411, list $7.25).
if yours is like mine, you will have to cut or grind the old pin off and
peen the end of the new pin after assembly.
the hardest part was figuring out how to get handle off without breaking
anything (not necessary) and waiting three weeks (!!!) for linda to ship a
i used some antisieze during assembly and rigged up something to protect
the threads from future environmental abuse.
by the way, one way to minimize your chances of breaking this rod is to
release the handbrake before you back off the adjuster nut...