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Re: Why did tires 'chirp' in panic stop?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Douglas Frank USG say:

> Day before yesterday, I was 'spacing' behind another car whose brake lights
> came on unexpectedly.  I stood on the pedal and stopped in plenty of time
> (luckily I wasn't tailgating as usual), but managed to 'chirp' the front
> tires a bit.
> Now, my car has ABS.  Why would the tires squeal?  It ain't supposed to
> skid!  I felt nothing in the pedal-- no pumping.  I was doing about 35 MPH
> at the time.

My new '95 A6 seems to do this, too. It's like there's a threshhold
for the ABS to kick in. My two older cars don't; the ABS is on
immediately when needed.


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