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RE: clutch pedal hanging loose-1-2 inches play?

Or Michael, 

If you're lazy.  Take it to M&M where they charged me ~$38 for this service
that Steve describes.  Quick fix for the syncro pedal.  

Derek Daily
90 CQ
86.5 VW qsw

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> From:	EICHSTEV@aol.com [SMTP:EICHSTEV@aol.com]
> ay?
> Michael Williams said:
> >  hey all, a wierd thing with the UrQ, this has been there since i bought
> >  the car.  here is this free play in the clutch, but its not like the 
> >  normal free play where you press the pedal for an inch before something
> >  starts happening, this is where the actual pedal is hanging about an
> inch 
> >  or so from the top of its travel...
> >
> >  Has anyone had this problem before?  the clutch works just fine, very 
> >  nice and smooth...
[Daily,DerekSJMCG]  Steve wrote off... You may be able to repair the pedal
by machining an
> oversize hole (the hole gets worn into an oval) and making a new bushing.