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Re: Battery replacement: 1995 A6

      Worth looking into. The battery in my mother's 1996 A6q decided to
crap out somehow which required a full flatbed tow approximately 70
miles to the nearest dealership, and replacement under warranty. This
was after only 36K miles. Luckily it was covered under the Audi
Advantage (if it hadn't been, we would have just bought a replacement
locally and installed it). 


P.S. It seems to me that Audi failures are almost *always* systematic
and not isolated "random chance" events. In other words..if one battery
on an A6q fails..others are sure to fail too. 

David Kroth wrote:
> The A6 is new to me and I'm considering replacing the 3.5
> year old battery as insurance before the cold weather really
> hits.  In reviewing the Bentely manual there is a warning
> on page W 27-1 (Volume 3, I think) that says:
>    For automatic transmission vehicles, the transmission
>    control module (TCM) "basic setting" must be reestablished
>    using the VAG 1551 scan tool (ST), whenever the battery
>    has been disconnected or replaced during repair.
> What's up with that?  Do I really have to find someone with
> a VAG 1551 every time I disconnect the battery?  Is there
> some other way to "reestablish the basic setting" of the
> TCM without the 1551?
> This could be a real thorn in the foot.
> --
> David Kroth
> davidk@lpa.com