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Re: Help T200Q on nuts

In message <199812171117.DAA21460@mt.arias.net> "Romeo Shayne Pavlic'" writes:

> I have never seen or heard of this happening.  My 200 refused to start.
> It cranked and cranked and cranked.  Nothing.  All of a sudden vroom it
> started and a puff of smoke came spewing out of the tail pipe.  Could the O2
> be shot?  Any Ideas as to what is happening here?

There was A Reason for the ECU not to fire the plugs.  Each attempt
pumped a slight excess of fuel into the engine.

On one of the crank attempts, the ECU did not see The Reason - and fired
the ignition.  The smoke (I assume it was black?) was simply the
accumulated fuel burning off in a pulse of richness.

I suggest printing off Scott Mockry's _EXCELLENT_ instructions on
dumping codes and practising the procedure.  Be prepared to let the
engine spin on the starter for at least five seconds on every start
attempt in future, and the next time it happens - pull the codes.

The Reason might well be something relatively trivial.

 Phil Payne
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