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Re: A4 isn't so special

In message <E0zqeok-00044N-00@iglou.com> Jon Roberts writes:

> 3.  This bullshit of re-tuning the ECU for every little mod is crazy.  When
> you add a free flowing exhaust, the hp goes up.  No re-tune of the ECU chip
> should be needed.  The MAS will see more air pass through it and send a
> larger signal to the ECU which will in turn, send more fuel into the engine.
> (that isn't too hard to understand)

Unfortunately it's too easy to understand.  It's true for the A4, and
for a variety of older/newer engines.

It _ISN'T_ true in the context I quoted earlier - the MB/1B engines
used in the European 200TQ (1989/90) and the 1989/90 ur-quattro.

It may be 'bullshit' for the A4 - it isn't for every engine.

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