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Subject: Batteries !

>From: "Drew Boggs (dboggs)" <dboggs@sequent.com>
>Looked at the battery last week, and decided to clean the positive and
>negative posts.  Took the leads off the terminals, and they both crumbled in
>my hand.  %$^& ! ! !   So, after rigging them back together, I committed an
>"Audi Felony" and inquired at the local dealer (Sunset Imports) about new
>battery wires.  OUCH !  $104.00 for the positive and $ 44 for the negative.  


The negative wire might just cost a whole $5 - terminal, wire, big ground
lug and all, any length you need at any old auto parts store. The positive
terminal can be replaced with a clamp-on style (2 x 7/16" bolts hold a
clamp which goes over the cleaned and stripped back end of the positive -
red - wire). Same source as the universal ground cable.

That's $6.29, plus your local taxes.

Now lemmeesee, $6.29 (plus tax) subtracted from $148 leaves enough for a
new battery and internet access for the next year, and a nice christmas
card for me . . .

Best Regards,

Mike Arman