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All-wheel drive & Front-wheel drive Advantages(according to BMW) long

Who saiys that all-wheel drive offer enchanced traction,faster acceleration
and better road grip compared to rear wheel drive?
 BMW does..
And who says that that front-wheel drive has the advantages of lighter
weight, good traction for acceleration on slippery surfaces,enhanced
interior room and lower manufacturing cost-again compared to rear-wheel
BMW does
Of course they also claim a few advantage for rear wheel drive.It's all
spelled out in recent training and information initiative from BMW.
Of course the material is designeD to explain the advantage of rear wheel
drive from BMW perpective.
And while it is generally fair and accurate,there are a few thing you should
know.Just as Audi FrontTrack and quattro technology offers advantages over
generic front wheel drive and all-wheel drive system they also stand up well
to the comparison made  by BMW..
You"ll find more detail on BMW rear drive system on their US.web
Meanwhile,here are a few thing you need to now,based on BMW info:
The claim is made that Front-drive cars suffer from torque steer.Audi
four-link front suspencion was specially developed to NEUTRALIZE the effect
of driveline forces on the front wheel.. your own seat-of-the pants
evaluation,plus dozen of professional road test confirm that with Audi's
FrontTrack torque steer is a thing of the past...

Qlist this thing be continues.....