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RE: $1100 to fix the "worn pads" warning? Please tell me it ain't so...

Thanks for the suggestion, but it appears to be somewhere "upstream" of the
wires themselves. At first, with the wires just connected together, it all
seemed to work, but that may have just been the effect of the contact
cleaner on the back of the display unit...

I'm going to go through the wiring with care this weekend and hopefully find
a break somewhere. If not, it's a choice between replacing the electronics,
partially disabling the display or living with the problem,


'94 S4

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> << A few days ago, the "Brake Pad Warning" light came on in the
> S4's autocheck
> display. Took it in, the dealer checked the connections, sprayed contact
> cleaner across the appropriate section of the dash electronics,
> and off went
> the light.
> Today it's back, (at first only after a few minutes, now almost
> instantaneously) and the dealer tells me that unless they can
> find a short or
> a loose connector, I'm looking at either: >>
> I just fixed this on my car (87 5kcstq) and it was a bad
> connection at the pad
> sensor connector. A wire had been added in a poor quality repair
> attempt in
> the past and the splice let go.
> The pad sensor circuit is "normally closed" so you are looking for an open
> wire. Aside from the auto-check area of the dash, I would think the most
> vulnerable area for a wire to open would be at the wheels. There
> is a mating
> connector there from the car's wiring harness to the pad sensors.
> Check the
> connections there first. HTH
> Mike Veglia
> 87 5kcstq