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Audi values

Fringe Ryder <fringe@fringeweb.com> wrote:

> Of course the Lumina is a
>better value than an Audi.  It's also a better value than a BMW, Saab,
>Volvo, and everything except stuff like the Neon, Contour, etc.  You don't
>buy a (new) Audi for value, you buy it for capabilities.


Against my better judgement (I think that should be TLA, no?), I'm going to
respond. So...

As a used vehicle purchase, the Audi is a better value than many other
cars. First, it's relatively cheap (thanks 60 Minutes!). Second, the cars
*do* tend to hold their value reasonably well...unlike a Chebbie, which
goes to zero the minute you open the door.

Third, they *are* fun to drive.

And fourth, most importantly, in an unavoidable accident, they'll keep your
medical expenses a lot lower than they would have been if you were in the

And unavoidable is defined differently for these vehicles. What might be a
direct hit in a Chebbie is a slight pucker and a small bead of sweat, or
maybe just a grin, in an Audi :)

But then again, it's my considered opinion that people that choose to drive
Chebbies usually wouldn't know to steer around an accident even if they
were in an Audi.

Darwin's process of culling the weak? If he were alive today, would he have
driven an Audi?