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Re: stock spring rates in an early 83 UrQ?


>  Those housings are heat treated, ya know.
> You're not supposed to even cut or weld on them.

Where did you get this info. Heat treating the strut housings?If they were
heat treated 2B's would have problems threading them.
I have welded the 4k spring seats onto 5kt (essentially same as Ur-q) strut
housings without any problems at all.  I was afraid of warping them and not
able to slide the inserts in but nothing happened.

> A purist would
> not consider them to have the same value as untouched ones.

Purist would not find out if a good weld job was done and few k's of road
dirt was thrown at it : )

> If you're gonna go custom, maybe you could use some parts from the
> inexpensive and prolific 4k/C-GT family.

That's like buying a Porsche and using VW parts on it.  Hold on, that was
done before : )

Martin Pajak


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