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RE: stock spring rates in an early 83 UrQ?

> > Yes, you are.  You assumed that the 5ktq has the same hubs
> front and rear.
> > It probably does not.Can anyone verify this.

447 407 615A both front and rear

> the 5ktq having the
> > rear rotors with a larger hat like the Ur-q?

50 mm hat size

> Yeah, I'm looking at that now.  So, you have to use the whole
> 5k strut
> housing.  I didn't realize that.  That means you can't use the 4k
> struts
> too, right?

You could use the front struts from an 88 or 89 80/90, they have the 75 mm
bearings and will work with the 4kq inserts and the G60 brakes will bolt on.