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Re: Blue bottle. What's it for?

George & Maria Tur wrote:
> Sitting in the son's 87 5ktqs with the drivers door open trying to pin
> down where a new buzzing sound was coming from and I noticed an odd
> shaped, looked like three balls stacked on top of each other, blue
> bottle/container deep inside the door jamb. It has a hose coming into it
> and it looks like it's made of fairly dense plastic. I took a look
> through the Bentley but the closes thing I could find was a vacuum
> bottle that is part of the egr system for kh engine model cars. This car
> has the mc engine so I'm at a loss as to what it is. Anyone have any
> idea as to what it could be? Just curiousity on my part.
> George
> p.s. The new buzzing noise was from the electric engine fan. It has
> never made that noise before so I guess that's going to go soon now. The
> car likes us it gives a warning now.

My 86 4kcstq has an mc engine, but my blue bottle (appropriately named
the Egg Sack) is used for vacuum resevoir.  the line going to it is a
vacuum line for whatnots like A/C vents, diff locks, etc.  I don't
recall seeing one in my 86 5k that i took the mc motor out of.  

Chris Locke
86 4kcstq