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Re: 4kq - water pump noises

In message <000d01be2d3e$e34191a0$0295fea9@oemcomputer> ecschott@earthlink.net writes:
> I just installed a new water pump, idler pulley and timing belt on my '84
> 4000s Quattro.  After having it all back together, I'm a little disappointed
> that I'm still getting noise from the front end of the motor.

> >From the pump, I get a random, intermittent soft  "clack ----- clack
> clack ---" (one to three or so "clacks") and an intermittent "click click
> click"    (two to five or so "clicks").  There does not seem to be any
> relation between the "clicks" and "clacks" (except the Tappet Brothers on
> NPR:-))    I can also pick up the clicks in the idler pulley but not as
> strong as the pump.

> Another thing to note is that the pulley on the new water pump sticks out
> about 2mm further than my old one, causing the pump to rub on the inside of
> the timing belt cover.

This sounds like a pump for a "supertorque" belt running on a standard
car.  Did the new belt have the same number of teeth as the old belt
(I suspect so) and did the replacement pump have the same number of
teeth as the old one (I suspect _not_)?

 Phil Payne
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