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I need a Fuba Antenna unit with or w/o mast

I need a used and working Electric Fuba Antenna motor unit, part # 811 035
509.  I do not necessarlily need a mast since I already have one.  So if
the mast is broken like many I have seen are than I would still like to buy
it if it still funtions.  It is the type that came with 86 & 87 4k q's and
some non q's.  I have read it came with several other models form 86-91
like 5k, 1c, and 2c but am not sure what else.  It has the 4 section short
mast unit.  If you have one and am not using it/would like to sell one let
me know how much you want for it.  I would really like to get ahold of one
since mine had a small problem that recently developed on my 86 4kcs q.

Chad Frederick
86 4kcs q
Boge Turbo Gas
Hella 500s
K&N air filter