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Re: cold weather heater 200q

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From: Don +ACY- Lori +ADw-dell+AEA-pangea.ca+AD4-
To: quattro+AEA-coimbra.ans.net +ADw-quattro+AEA-coimbra.ans.net+AD4-
Date: Monday, December 21, 1998 11:59 PM
Subject: cold weather heater 200q

+AD4-first blast of cold weather and my 200q just not putting out
+AD4-heat like the old vw gti.
+AD4-it has been -28 degrees C here for the past couple of days
+AD4-and as this is my first winter with my 200q, i am uncertain as
+AD4-to how its performs in cold tempatures.  the engine temp seems
+AD4-hot enough, it is running just under 90 degrees C, however even
+AD4-with the climate control set to hi, the interior just doesn't seem
+AD4-to get toasty warm.  i find i have to turn on the heated seats
+AD4-to keep warm, even after driving for over an hour.
+AD4-anti freeze is topped up and given the engine temp is ok, i do
+AD4-not think it is thermostat related.
+AD4-anyone out there in q land run a 200q in extreme cold?  any

    Well, Don, it's -20C here and it hasn't started to get cold yet+ACE- I run
my 200q all winter with the temp set at it's lowest setting (18C), otherwise
the cabin gets too hot.
    Check your heater coolant valve to make sure it is stroking completely
open. Warm up the engine and set the temperature to +ACI-LO+ACI-. The heater valve
should close completely. Then set the temperature to +ACI-HI+ACI-. The valve should
open completely. The valve is either fully closed or fully open - there is
no in between position.
    If the valve is working OK, check the temperture control flap positions.
Remove the plastic plenum cover to access the heater box. Repeat the LO to
Hi cycle. You should see the flap control levers on the right hand side of
the heater box cycle from fully closed ( no air flow to heater core) to
fully open (max air flow to heater core). If these are not cycling properly,
check the control head for trouble codes. If you get a 7 or 15 trouble code
(if I remember correctly - I've BTDT this fall), you may have a problem with
the temp control servo motor and the system is not able to regulate
temperature. The procedure for checking the codes and the servo motor is in
the Bentley. If the outside temp light on the control head flashes for 30
seconds or so when you start the car, it means the control head has set a
trouble code.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  264k km (toasty warm, but I love those heated seats first thing in
the morning+ACE-)