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Front Brake Questions

Hi Everyone:

Getting the "to do" list knocked out one by one, and this weekend's project
was putting new front brakes and rotors on the 5KCSTQ.  Went slowly, since
I haven't done a brake job myself in about 12 years (note to self: never
start a brake job at 2 pm on a Sunday).  Got everything buttoned up and
went for a test drive, heard a light scraping/metallic rubbing coming from
the front.  Is the sound I hear the pads bedding in?  It's not the metal
spray shield, and it seems like the new pads are dragging on the rotor ever
so slightly.  Some evidence of rubbing on the rotor where the lower portion
of the pad seems to be dragging.  Pulled the calipers apart 2x to make
sure, everything looks okay.  BTW the calipers are Girling dual piston.

I'm using ATE Power Discs with Autospecialty Super-Lux pads [recommended by
the local Audi place, but no longer carries this brand].  Calipers working
fine before pulling the old pads, and I used plenty of anti-seize on the
ends of the pads to make sure they move okay.  The guide pins move freely.
I'll call the shop where I bought the pads in the morning, but wanted to
know if anyone else had experienced this.

Archives had nothing.  Sorry for the WOB, but I'm getting old and I can't
remember if a little rubbing is acceptable till they bed in.  I will
breathe easier if anyone has Been There Cringed About That.  

TIA, and may Santa bring you all the spares you've been wishing for!

-Steve Jensen
87 5KCSTQ 

ps monkey lads had cut and tied off the sensor on the drivers side pad. A
pox on them!