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Re: Dear Santa...parts fiche wanted


When I was dealing with Rod Ramsey at The Parts Connection
and getting prices and part numbers for him for future
ordering, he told me he has fiches and that they were
free to QList members. I think that involves ordering
something from him, but you can always ask him at
rod@thepartsconnection.com. I don't know if he'd have
for your car, he probably does, he has for the manual
and auto front-wheel drive 200 which is the fiche I'd
be interested in from Santa but it'd be just my luck that
Santa has a quattro and not a front-wheel drive machine!



1990 Audi 200t (named "Goddammit" ... "start, Goddammit!",
                "not now, Goddammit!",
                "goddammit, Goddammit!")


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