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RE: how do you break an axle nut?

Put the wheels on. Put the brakes on and use a breaker bar to loosen the
axle nut.
An impact wrench would work, but you need shop air and a good impact, most
home air  tools (usually) won't get it loose.

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Dan Simoes wrote:
> Sounds like a commercial...
> Since I'm 2/3 of the way on the front suspension already,
> I decided to order Boge TG for the CGT that either my wife is
> keeping, my BIL is buying, or I'm selling.  Either way it will
> handle better with new inserts :)
> I've got the wheels off, the the strut is held in place
> only by the top nut, and the bottom axle nut (30mm assumed).
> I don't recall, is there a special tool used for the top?
> I recall an O2 sensor, or cutting a hole in a socket?
> As far as the bottom axle nut, any chance I can break it loose
> with the strut this loose, by just stepping on the brakes
> while I go at it with a lever and breaker bar?
> Thanks!
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If you've got an impact wrench, that's the easiest way!  no kidding, zip
zip zip and it's in your hands!

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