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Re: Oil Leak in footwell, THE LATEST

In message <> "Peter K. Wong" writes:

Merry Christmas to All our Readers - the turkey's in the oven here in
the UK, and Sarah is about to go down to the church and ring a quarter
peal for Christmas morning.

> I honestly haven't a clue where the steering pump is on my Audi 90.  The
> mechanic did say in his report that the "leak in driver's side footwell
> traced back to steering pump, also cause of moaning noise heard by customer".

The steering pump is about as far from the firewall as it's possible to
get - it's right behind the front grill.

> I'm not sure how close the pump is to the firewall, I can tell you that my
> steering rack was resealed in February by the Audi dealership.

Ah.  The steering rack is mounted right on the firewall - indeed, it's
one of the few things that protrudes through it.

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