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FS 1990 CQ

I saw this in the Charlotte paper Saturday.  Sounds like a nice car.  The
guy is asking $8800.  I saw the car once when I was at the dealer getting
some filters.  I called him today and told him I would post it to the list,
he was familiar with the list by the way.  What he told me was it has 94000
miles, Alpine CD player, timing belt and water pump, both window regulators
replaced, TSW Hokkenhiem(sp) wheels in original fitment.  Can't think of
any other changes or fixes off the top of my head.  It is black with black
leather interior.  He asked if I was out of Fairview yesterday and I told
him I was and he said "I saw your car when we were out".  I wouldn't be
surprised if these are the only 2 CQ's here.  Neither of us has seen any

My wife said "why don't we get it?", which I would not object to but we
would need to sell the cherokee first.  Any takers?

Let me know if anyone wants me to look at or get any more info.

Scott Wood
1990 CQ
Charlotte, NC