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Re: Funny Noise - Heated Seats (88 5KSQ)

In message <199812280115.TAA09570@smtp2.mailsrvcs.net> cjr1@gte.net writes:

> There is a "clicking" noise in the far left hand side of the dash (maybe
> the footwell) when the driver's seat heater is on.  I have tried various
> combinations of electrical loads, radio, engine rpms, and anything else I
> could think of.  The noise is not immediate when the seat heater is on, but
> it is definitely related.  It will only sound when the heater is on,
> although not always immediately.  It will immediately stop when the heater
> is turned off.  What is in that corner of the dash or footwell that has
> anything to do with the driver's side seat heater?

Seat heater relay.  There are two identical ones, side by side.  One is
for the driver's seat, one for the passenger.  Swap them over and see
what happens to the problem.  If you still get the furious clicking, it's
the switch.  If you only get the furious clicking when the passenger
seat heater is used, it's the relay.

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