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Re: battery drain 5kcstq

> Mike,
> I sent you this info a while ago, but never heard from you.  I have a
> solution to your electrical problem.  Not a "be all, end all" solution,
> but a fix that will work till you find the demons plaging your
> electricals.
> It's a device called Priority Start, and it attaches off the positive lead
> on your battery.  Inside is a microchip.  If it detects excessive drain,
> it will automatically disconect the battery.  When you go to start it, it
> will then automatically reconnect the battery!  Sounds great, eh?
> It will probably cost you $65 to $70, but I think it's worth it.  In fact,
> we may get one for my dad's Porsche, which is a seasonal car.  To find out
> more and how to order, go to http://www.teleport.com/bliint/protec.htm or
> you can just call them at 1-800-780-8276.
> Later,
> Dan
> 200tq....gutted exhaust