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Re: UR voltmeter reading

In message <00ea01be3383$f52493e0$8f4995c1@default> "Jim Haseltine" writes:

> Just about matches mine. Try this one - engine running, lights on, wipers
> on, heater fan on full and rear screen heat on - typical British winter
> driving set-up. Voltmeter drops well below 12, sometimes reaches one green
> LED above the reds and the oil temp LEDs go out completely.

Engine running, heater fan on full, rear screen on, 540 watts of main
beams - 13.7 volts and normal oil temperature LED behaviour.

Summat needs fettlin'.

> I got a Christmas present from my parents, a T-shirt & sweatshirt with "My
> other car is an Audi quattro" embroidered on them - I _think_ they were
> taking the p*ss, but once I restore the 81 it'll be true whichever car I
> drive. :-)

I got a better one:

              "My other car doesn't get driven much"

 Phil Payne
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