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***Looking For 85' Coupe GT Parts***

Hello all:

I'm looking to redo my 85' Coupe GT.  It desperately needs a paint
job, so before I do that, I may as well do it right and fix the body
to perfection first.

I would like to purchase the following in excellent condition from
someone looking to sell.

The entire trunk lid with spoiler (mine has nice damage)

the rear bumber skirt that retain those two little red reflectors and
chrome trim that is located directly above the rear plastic skirt.

I'd also be interested in any used aftermarket springs. Either Eibach
or H&R, or whatever is out there that is superior to the stock springs
on the 85' coupe.  (My springs are so worn that the tires are actually
rubbing in the wheel wells. I have a quarter of a million miles on my

Also looking for the internal electrics for the the power mirrors.  My
mirrors aren't moving with the joystick, something is not working

If anyone has these parts or knows someone who does, I'd greatly
appreciate any leads.

Thanx alot!

85' Coupe GT

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