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RE: CIS duty cycle adjustment (DHOW) also attention Canadian Tire shoppers

> 	Am I supposed to undo the O2 sensor when I adjust the duty cycle, or
> leave
> it connected? I know Mr. B says to leave it connected, but locally, my guy
> sez undo it, as it makes no sense to have it connected, as then it won't
> be
> adjusted correctly for a cold start, (pre-sensor). His line of reasoning
> makes senseto my muddled mind, however....my expensive manual can't be
> _that_ wrong, can it? (VBG)
He is 100% wrong.  When the car is cold it ignores the input from the OXS.
With the OXS disconnected the feedback loop is open, so who knows what
you'll be setting the mixture to.  It sounds as though you've done the work
with the fuel pressure gauge ... if all of the pressures are correct per
Bentley, when cold the duty cycle should be fixed.  I'd look at things like
the temperature senders ...

> '84 5ks "Audrey", presently no power to CC control head, weird feeling
> engine, and a blown wheel cylinder. Phooey. 
... sounds a little like my BiL's '84.  I still need to do one last time
through to find the disconnect.  I'll post what I find when I do this, but
it sounds like a bad connection at a 4-pin connector behind the console.  I
find that I have power on the downstream side of the fuse, but all other
points (blower, blower controller, A/C Programmer) show -0- ...

What I did for him was to pull the control for the blend doors and store the
end in the glovebox.  Given that the recirculate door is in the proper
position you can get enough airflow through the car to warm it while its
moving ... I did confirm that if I provide a connection from the fuse to a
place that should have power that the head powers right up ...

Good luck ... and stay warm!  :-)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)