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Oil light

To list, or Dee

The "Oil Light" in the ODO area is a service reminder only.  No relation to
level, quality, taste color, smell, vintage or anything to actually do with
oil.  Just a reminder light.  After it spells out oil for a while it will
switch to  "INT 1, then INT 2"  Finally it will flip the check engine light
on to get the drivers attantion, though this takes a while to go through
all those phases.

So really your oil level was probably right and the service dept did not
reset the light.  The light is always reset when a 7500 mile interval
service is done, or it is supposed to be.  The free coupons get you an oil
change and the 1551 is not hooked up to do any diagnostic tests or to reset
the lights.

I have to add a line to the service work order specifing that the light be
reset, even if it isn't on.  Bottom line here is that Audi pays us very
close to ZERO $ to do these free changes and the guys just want to bang
them out.  It is oil and filter only. Remember that.  If you want somehing
else checked you must ask.

And not to harp on Dee or other owners but everyday I get the same question
about why did the light come on, I added oil, he added oil, do I burn oil

The owners manual has the whole thing about the light in plain english.  
There is a red warning light in the cluster and the little oil can with a
drip in the area that reads 'OK" that will tell you if you have a pressure
or level problem.

Neil, who admits he is a service writer at a dealer.  Rarely "wacko"