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NorCalUSA: San Jose Auto Show

For those of us not able to travel to the more prestigious shows I thought
I'd mention that the San Jose International Auto Show is going to be from
1/6 to 1/10.  While it isn't a big name, we have been able to get a few new
cars ... last year the new Beetle was on display there as well as Detroit,
and 2 years ago the new Corvette was shown at the same time it was in
Detroit.  My personal opinion is that the SJ show is good enough for me to
forego the SF show around Thanksgiving (which I used to attend regularly).  

In any case, those of you in the area might want to dig up the "Drive"
section from last Friday's Mercury News ... there's a half off coupon for
Wednesday night ... which is when I'll be there.  While Audi's
representation there in past years was to say the least dismal, it looks
like Audi ponied up some $$$ for a more central location.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)