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A4 sport suspension retrofitted!

Well, last night at 3:15am, we finally finished installing the OEM Sport
suspension in my non-sport A4.  All that it took was 4 Audi fans, 7 hours, 6
beers, 2 pizzas, 2 pints of blood, 2 broken craftsman tools, one stripped
strut and one $500 set of the A4 factory repair manuals.

Eric Fluhr, and his Dad (Bill) and little brother (Ken), all helped me, or
should I say I helped them; they did most of the work.  We did the project
over at his Dad's new house with the 3 bay garage, the 3rd bay being devoted
solely to Audi work.  This was a really hard install, and they only way we
could have done this was with the help of the A4 Factory Repair Manual that
Eric and his brother bought for their dad, who owns an A4.  I could not have
gotten past getting the wheels off since that suspension is so complicated on
the A4, and Eric took over at that point.  Between all of his family, I owe
them about 20 hours of labor on the install.

Now, as for the results....wow!  Now my car feels 100% better, the OEM sport
springs and struts are just perfect for me, not too hard, not too soft.  I
could tell right away that this was worth the effort and money, the car felt
so much better (and looks better now that it is lower).  So, my advice to you
all, if you are getting an A4, save yourself the hassle and order the sport
option.  Or find yourselves some friends like the Fluhrs.

  /\        _I        Christian J. Long (& Breeze Parker-Long)
/    \ I_I I_I I      Orlando, Florida, USA

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