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Re: [OT] Pioneer stereo question

Tom Nas wrote:

> Your friend should read the manual (or stop believing everything salesmen
> tell him) ;-) .
> He has RDS EON (Radio Data System/Enhanced Other Networks). A common system
> here in Europe, that helps your stereo keep its station when travelling
> across the country, enables you to select stations based on the properties
> (e.g. MOR music, news, discussion...) and displays the station name on the
> head unit's display. Here in Holland, it's also used for displaying
> irritating commercial messages (I don't need reminders that the new Opel
> turbodiesel is out when I'm driving my Audi!).

Its nothing more than a database built into the head unit. On my Alpine
its Called ID Logic, and I can put in what state and city Im in and then
choose to listen to whatever kind of music I want. I beleive the
Database can be updated fairly easily too,  but Ive never done it.