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Re: Looking for useful impact wrench on a budget...

In message <mailstart.1/6/99.22141.07.> gerard@dockside.co.za writes:

> I've been
> under the car trying to get the WG off from the downpipe,
> and it is impossible, so I reckon I can do with a solid
> releasing twist from a impact wrench with an reaching
> extension.

Those are probably the three worst fasteners on the car.  I use a Facom
12mm/13mm short-handled box wrench (ring spanner) from above to shift
the front one, and a stepped box wrench from above on the other two.
Just break them until they move (nut and bolt as a unit) then get under
the car with a 13mm six-sided 3/8" drive socket on a flexible joint (UJ)
taped up with gaffer tape.  I _have_ met 12mm nuts here, too.

The gaffer tape makes the UJ stiff enough to place the socket.  Once the
socket is in place, you and an assistant (using your wrenches on the top
nuts) just fight each one to and fro until the nut cracks and starts to
wind down the bolt.  With practice, a trained team can crack each nut
in less than twenty seconds.

The first time Roger Galvin and I did this together, it took us half an
hour.  The last time, his wife had just brought some cups of tea out to
the garage and he climbed under leaving her holding the cups.  He was
out before she got bored.

Roger has a source of heat-resistant stainless nuts and bolts, which is
what we refit.  Note that just breaking the lower nut loose isn't
enough, because the bolt head will spin.  You need to hold the top,
which almost inevitably implies an assistant.

 Phil Payne
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