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RE: plugs/spades etc

	that's on the list - the one on ned ritchie's site,
	actually.  i just haven't gotten off my butt to 
	pull the ecu, instead i'll clean various contacts
	and things when i am under the hood cleaning things 
	up in general, changing the oil, what have you.

	as long as i am at it... when i pull the ecu connector, 
	is it labeled as to which pins are which numbers?  the
	list mentions testing impediances and such across various
	pins by number.

On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Lewis, Gary M wrote:

]Rocky said;
]> 	i am 90% sure i know which electrical connection is
]> 	responsible for my intermittent 4k cutout problem.
]Have you checked the air sensor ($120ish item)?  This same phenom was
]occuring on another 83 I know of, and the air sensor was part of the

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