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RE: plugs/spades etc

On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Buchholz, Steven wrote:

]Is this the connector where one of the lugs is oriented 90 relative to the
]other?  If so, this should be the connector that drives the OXS frequency
]valve.  I'd be surprised if this thing actually caused a 4k cut out, but it
]can lead to rough idling and hard starting IME.  The connectors are held in
]place either by a pin (male) or by an extension of the housing (female).
]For the ones with a pin I use a narrow pick to depress them and slide them
]out.  The ones with the housing are usually removed by distorting the
]housing a little.

	ok, i checked them out tonight.  the spades indeed sit
	perpendicular to one another within their plug housing.
	one end goes right into the firewal and presumably to 
	the ecu. there's a black sheath around this pair.  on
	the sensor end of the plug the wires are yellow and i
	think black.  they snake down and connect to something 
	relating to the fuel system, there's a rubber housing 
	that they go into, that sort of hooks into hoses or
	something behind the fuel distributor.  the sheath on
	this pair is grey.  anyway... the wires in the spade
	are just barely hanging on, and i really need new spades,
	and i don't mind purchasing the whole plug anew, or
	even using a different plug entirely.  i'm looking for
	suggestions on 1) where to get the right kind of 
	spades; i'd like some spares on hand and 2) what plug
	part this is so i can try to find a replacement.


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