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Re: 4ksq Coolant Overflow Resevoir fixes?

Try a ski shop for plastic welding.  I used to wield these welders for all types
of nefarious purposes.  Note:  the best thing is not just a P-tex gun, which
might work OK (it's an extra-hot glue gun), but a real 'base welder' which is
like a big soldering iron with compressed air.  Oh yeah, and find a guy who
really knows how to use it...

Huw Powell wrote:

> > Hey all- just a quickie.  Has anyone successfully patched a coolant
> > resevior?  Mine developed this thin crack in the front and eventually
> > started leaking.  I found a few at an Audi salvage yard and they all seemed
> > to have this hairline crack in the same exact spot.  I sanded the area down
> > and tried an all purpose epoxy.  It held for about a week and slowly blew
> > out.  Any suggestions on this dilemma would be very much appreciated as
> > always.
> How about a plastic welder?  Next best, RTV from the inside.  yeah
> right.
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