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Can't get in...


Is it that the passenger door lock won't turn ?

If so, it's possibly frozen, go to Pep Boy's or some other
place and get some lock de-icer.  Spray into passenger lock
to defrost.

Do you have seat heaters ?  if yes, then you have door lock
heaters as well.  Pull the handle up for 15-20 seconds and that
should melt the ice as well.  If the lock heater isn't working
as I found out this weekend the hard way on my V8 :-(

You'll have to use the lock-deicer.

Are you close by ?

I thought I remembered you worked for Parametric's Technology ?

I'd be willing to swing up to help :-)  

Mike L.
90 V8 (Owner know has lock de-icer in his coa pocket...)
89 100 avant (With lock de-icer in pocket as well...)
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