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Re: Hard nuts to get to


I just did that job on my 86 4kcsq.  What you need is a "deep offset"
box wrench, 17mm if the nuts are original 16mm if they are the new


"Brinkmann, Gerardo V" wrote:

> I had a heck of a time trying to unbolt the front and rear a-arms on both my
> 4KQs.
> The nuts on the a-arm pivot bolt are almost impossible to get to. There is a
> small slot
> cut into the a-arm, so that you can just get a open-ended wrench and grip
> the nuts while using another wrench on the pivot bolt to loosen or tighten
> it.
> The slot in the a-arm is too small to fit either a 1/2" or 3/8' socket, and
> even
> if you can wiggle the socket in there, there is no way to get the socket
> wrench
> attached to the socket.
> I have already replaced all the a-arm inner bushings on both my rally
> Quattro and
> regular street Quattro (16 bushings in total !!!), so it is a bit of a mute
> point now.
> But I would like to find a tool or trick to getting to that nut, so that if
> ever I bent an -a-arm
> on my rally car, I can change it fairly quickly of the side of a gravel road
> at 2:00AM in
> sub-zero temperatures !!!!
> Is there a special tool or trick to this ?
> gerry