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Re: Mis-shipping Parts, WHY???

How bout their prices? Haven't had the opportunity to try their service out
cause the prices they quote me seem to be 50% of new part price from AOA.
Rather pay full for new than risk used part in "good shape" for 50% new. My
car is 12 yrs old. What used parts are readily available that are worth 50% of


In a message dated 1/7/99 10:01:15 AM Eastern Standard Time,
GAEngstrom@taylorcorp.com writes:

<< I'm not one to bash, but how is it a company, in upstate New York, that has
 a reputation of constantly mis-shipping parts ALWAYS gets it wrong the first
 time(every time I order), when ALL they sell is used and OEM AUDI
 parts?!?!?!?  Shokan just cant get it right, I don't care, I'll use their
 name, you would think they could get it right, they only sell parts for one
 car manufacturer. >>