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RE: HELP! Door locks broken...locked out!

If you can unlock the trunk and access the vacuum hose/tube to the trunk
lock you can apply vacuum or pressure through this hose/tube and unlock the
doors. I have done this on a 4000 series car but not a later 100 series car.

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	Dan Hussey wrote:
	The door locks are broken and I'm locked out!  

	I can turn the key around in the locking cylinder and nothing
happens, it just turns all the way around freely.  I tried using the other
door, but it won't unlock it for some reason.  And, I can't use the trunk or
it will just set off the alarm.
	The lever that connects the lock cylinder to the door latch is
broken. It used to be a piece of extruded aluminum but Audi later changed it
to a stamped metal piece. About $10 USD at the dealer (very well known
failure). I have replaced mine on the right side since it was broke when I
bought the car. Not that hard to replace but you have to be able to have a
lot of patience in working in a small and tight spot.

	But, you have to get in first. I'd take it you can make in by trying
to unlatch the door through the slot by the window seal. Maybe someone on
the list has done that. If you need advice on how to change the little
broken piece, e-mail me privately. I think I posted about this last year so
it might be in the archives.

	Good luck /// P-O Selander
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