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Re: 5kS Washer pump question

> > Back in the country and extra-cold NE wheater, I found the washer pump
> > emitting one little squirt (unless that dripped onto the windshield from
> > somewhere else), and then nothing. the pump audibly runs, but nothing else happens.

well, look at the hose.  can you see the fluid?  To intensely trouble
shoot it, disconnect the various Tee's and check for flow, starting as
close to the pump as you can.  It's a pain, the hose needs to be warmed
to be pliable enough to be worked.  A lighter for the adventurous, hot
water for the cautious.  Your nozzles may be clogged.  The same needle
you use to adjust them will usually clean them a bit.

but definitely start at the pump, does it spray?  is next section of
hose passing fluid?  etc etc.

I've never had one die on me.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT