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O2 sensor R&R

 Wed, 6 Jan 1999 20:40:33 EST
From: IMSA90QGTO@aol.com
Subject: Need Help O2 Sensor R&R (88 90Q)

hey all,

i am having an extremely hard time changing the Oxygen Sensor on my 88
90Q.  I can not get it off.  I have an OXS socket which i can not get
even close to the old sensor.  There is just too much metal in the way
be able to fit that socket over the sensor.  I know the socket is the
right size because it fits over my new one perfectly.  The A-arm is what

is maily blocking access.  I have even thought about unbolting the Cat.
I tried to use a regular wrench and break the OXS loose but it won't
budge.  This shouldn't be such a hard process and i really don't want to

have to take this to someone else to have done.  If anyone has ever
changed an OXS on a 90Q please let me know what you did.  This is a

If your 90 is like the CQ, I would recommend removing the battery, and
the little insert in the tray. Take your OXS socket, hook it up to a
breaker bar, and turn. Then thank God team door handle was not
reassigned to team Oxygen Sensor. Then again, maybe they were for the 88

Ted Harlan