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urq fuel tank removal, parts renewal

	it's the rfg-ii bug!  leaking fuel all over.  well, 
	so we think.  anyway, i'm looking for a step-by step
	for removing the fuel tank, as well as a list of
	parts to get (sediment trap, what kind of lines and
	clamps, etc) at kragen on saturday before mike and
	i do this job.  also, are there any parts that i'll
	need that aren't aquirable from kragen?  don't wanna 
	pull the tank (siphoning 10 gallons of chev 92 octane
	to mike's urq) and have the car immobile only to realize 
	i'm missing parts ;)

	thanks in advance, friends!

 rocky mullin
 two strokes are faster than four!
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