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Harness questions and answers from Todd

Subject says it all.

> >Things are startng to get there...
> Glad to hear it:)
> >Please give me a little feedback about the install and performance of
> >the harnesses.
> The harness itself looks great.  I however am electronically challenged.
> Some of the connections are self-evident, others I have no idea.  To
> be on the safe side I'd like to go through all.
> Heavy guage red goes to battery jumper post or alternator+.
> Black is ground.
> White 9004 connector plugs into the existing light wiring 9004.
> 4-gang spade connector goes to the euro light
> Now I get confused.
> For what do I use the 30A water-resistant fuse with the orange wires?

This goes in the heavy red wire at the end where you attach to the charging
post.the yellow wire is optional, it's for the city lights. You canconnect
this to the parking light positive if you so desire.


> What is the yellow wire coming out of the 4-gang for?
> Thanks for your time and response.
> Mark P