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RE: i drive with my front fogs on all the time.

Mike Robinson said:

>i drive with my front fogs on all the time.  It is purely for looks 
>though.  I think it gives the car a more aggresive look at night.  Plus i 
>need the supplement for my wonderful DOT lights.

>One time i got a guy behind me, who was tailgating, to lock up all four 
>wheels on his Taurus by activating the rear fog at 85 MPH.

Is this message a joke, intentionally designed to elicit flames?!
Sure, we all do things to our cars to make them look good- aesthetics
are an important part of the car-owning experience.  However, those
things certainly should not interfere with other drivers.  Driving with your
front fog lights on is detrimental to the vision of the drivers you are
following and the drivers that are coming towards you.  Addtionally,
as you state, rear fog lights can also be annoying (especially those 
with only one very bright light...how passe...)

I _hate_ tailgaters...but I practice a much more even tempered kind
of driving than you do- I suspect pulling a stunt that elicits a panic
stop from a driver near you is never the safest of all possible 
alternatives.  I have to imagine that you were on a multi-lane highway
if you were going 85 MPH, so you probably could have done something
to get out of his way- there is no loss of pride in letting an idiot pass
if he/she so desires- and there is very little chance that doing something
obonoxious is actually going to teach them a lesson- just make them
drive even angrier.  Of course, if you _were_ on a two lane road,
you have no right to be complaining about safety if you were driving


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