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RE: The new Audi S3 & Renault Clio 16v

Thanks Tom. I'm really keen on A3's though but all the same I'm happy to
wait until it arrives. I had a phonecall from Audi the other evening who
said that it would be released in the Spring of this year. I currently drive
a Renault Clio 16v, a great car, but I'd like my next car to be better and
the S3 seems as if it has potential.
Does anyone else own / owned a Clio 16v (just for interest / comparing

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> "phillip beattie" <phillip.beattie@virgin.net> wrote:
> >Can anyone supply more information about the S3 such as its release date
> >here in the UK and its probable price
> >It sounds good; 220bhp, quattro drive, 0-60mph under 7 secs. I'd
> quite like
> >to buy one (if I can afford it!!).
> First, welcome to the list. Second, sorry I took so long to respond to
> this... I'm still struggling with a week's worth of q-digests.
> About the S3- I've been reading the UK mags and have noticed that Audi
> seems to regard the RHD markets as last to be provided with cars.
> I've read
> references to long delivery times of the A3 in Car, Top Gear and
> Performance Car for over a year now. I think the S3 is planned for
> introduction in the autumn of '99, but you'd better check the
> magazines for
> more info.
> I agree, it sounds like a cracker of a car... but you could get a
> nice 1.8T
> Golf 4Motion (basically the same car, with equally good build quality) for
> the same amount of money... and still have more than enough left over to
> make it go from 180 to 225 hp like the S3. And you WILL be able to get the
> Golf.
> As to price- it's to be introduced here in Holland at the RAI Motorshow
> next month, I think prices will be around equiv UKP 20k...
> Tom
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