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Lazy lifter

Hey all!  Thanks for the coolant resevior advice- I think I'm just going to
order a new one from Carleson.  Thought they were much more expensive- not
worth the hassle.
Just wondering if anyone has had any good experiences with any products that
can quiet a noisy lifter?  My 85 4ksq used to rattle/knock when starting in
the cold and then stop after a few seconds.  Now it seems to be occurring
more often and even after driving around for a while.  I've checked the oil
level and it's full and it's about half way till the next scheduled change.
Any suggestions would be very much appreciated as always.  Getting ready to
leave for Steamboat tonight- they just got a few feet of powder!  Wohooo!!!

Thomas Turse
Boulder, CO
85 4ksq