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Re: rear fog light/front fog

Recently in my mother's 90q we began to experience a browning of all three
lights (low/high/fog). We have replaced the ground strap, which improved it
quite a bit (but not perfectly). As I am not living at home, and my father
is far too busy with work we needed a faster solution. We replaced the
stock bulbs with those of a higher wattage (I will soon post that wattage
and ask if we are running the risk of harness melting).  The lows are
fantastic, however the high beams are absolutly horrible...possibly because
these new lights have a slight blue tinge?

Regardless, I have become accustomed to driving with my front fogs
on..._always_ when out of the city limits, and often when still inside the
limits (though only when there is no overhead lighting).  I used my mom's
car for the past three weeks everyday/night.  I was not flashed once in
this period (put 3500km on the car during that time).

The safety factor while driving outside the limits will keep me using this
practice...Due to the low-level and peripheral view of the fogs I was able
to avoid three contacts with animilas-natureus. Not to mention it allows me
to see much more of the road surface infront of me.

I too have encountered SUV's, BMW's, Honda's, place-car-name-here, and
yes...audi's that have ALL blinded me with some sort of light.  Even some
low beams these days are reaching blinding status.  If I see the car
coming, I follow a simple rule my uncle taught me years ago...Look at the
shoulder of the road as you near on-coming traffic with lights
on...blindness is kept to a minimum, certainly less then if you keep
looking down the road!

And for all those who will send flames in my general direction, I have a
few questions for you:

Have you ever driven into on-coming traffic while your high beams were on?
(forgetting counts)
Have you replaced your lights with higher wattage bulbs?
Do you crest hills with your high beams on?
Do you over-run your headlight beams by driving too fast at night?

Answer no to all of those?  Good, pick up your stones...I'm ready.


Rear fogs however...there's no excuse!

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4