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Re: rear fog light/front fog

I have to admit that I generally drive around with my front fogs on all of
the time. I live in a suburban area that generally is free of overhead
lighting, etc, and the terrain is quite hilly and curvy. I use my fogs for
the auxiliary lighting effect, since my DOT headlights are very poor. There
is a major increase in visibility (especially peripheral) with the fogs on
(and they are aimed correctly and are 55W). Not to start another thread on
this subject, but how many Listers who complain about others using fogs all
the time run higher than stock wattage (80/100W as opposed to 55/60W) bulbs
in either their DOT or Euro lights? Ever think this may be blinding oncoming
drivers? And you cannot just shut these off like you can fog lights. If your
fogs are aimed correctly, they should not bother oncoming traffic. I have
never been flashed for using my fogs, and if they improve my visibility and
not harm that of oncoming traffic, I'll continue to use them. I guess I
should have a fire extinguisher standing by to handle all of the flames that
are going to flood my mailbox :).

'92 100S (77k)